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Coaching and Mentoring Level 5


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ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring through professional coaching and supervision.

The ILM Level 5 Programmes in Coaching and Mentoring are highly respected qualifications that give practising and aspiring managers and consultants the opportunity to develop in their role as a coach or mentor. They will help gain a detailed understanding of the coaching role, the knowledge and skills required to implement a programme of coaching or mentoring for individual clients and the opportunity to put this into practice whilst receiving coaching and supervision. They are delivered through a blend of learning tailored to the needs of each student. They are demanding programmes but the rewards can be very high.

The Programme

The programmes are centred on the delivery of coaching or mentoring in the workplace. Students build a business case for a coaching or mentoring programme that will have a real impact for their organisation or client. Students use reflective practice in supervision sessions to review and develop their performance. The programme of learning offers a combination of coaching and supervision sessions, set readings, individually defined CPD, online learning and reflective reviews. Students develop their coaching or mentoring capability supported by their coach, focusing on achieving tangible impacts for their clients and their organisations, whilst applying their learning to the workplace and then assessing the results.

Progression Routes

ILM Level 5 qualifications are highly respected professional development awards in their own right. Achievement at this level offers a progression route to the ILM L7 qualifications in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Course Structure/Layout

Level 5 Certificate in
Coaching & Mentoring
Level 5 Diploma in
Coaching & Mentoring
Credit Value 13 Credits 37 Credits
Duration 6 months 1 year
Attendance Method Blended delivery, featuring professional coaching and supervision, online learning and reflective practice
Structure Induction
Three themes:

  • Coaching or mentoring in an organisational environment
  • Performing effectively and ethically as a management coach or mentor
  • Working with management clients
  • Delivering 12 hours of supervised coaching or mentoring

5 x 1 hr coaching sessions
(by telephone or Skype)

Four themes:

  • Coaching or mentoring in an organisational environment
  • Performing effectively and ethically as a management coach or mentor
  • Working with management clients
  • Delivering 100 hours of coaching or mentoring

8 x 1 hr coaching supervision sessions
(by telephone or Skype)

Assessment Reflective review / assignments / coaching or mentoring diary Reflective review / assignments / coaching or mentoring diary / personal development plan
Costing £1,920 (inc.VAT) £2,640 (inc.VAT)
Entry Requirements Participants will normally be practising managers or consultants with a coaching or mentoring role and the opportunity to meet the assessment demands. They will normally be expected to be able to demonstrate this through holding some form of leadership and / or qualification at level 3 or above.

Further Information


For information on any aspect of the programme or to make an application, contact 0845 890 2549 or email
What benefits might I expect from the programme

For you

  • Increased high level coaching and mentoring skills that you can take with you into both your current situation and into new ones
  • The ability to critically reflect upon and evaluate your practice
  • The ability to deliver high levels of results for your clients

For individual clients

  • Achievement of their personal aims and aspirations
  • Progression towards their strategic vision

For your organisation

  • An effective coach
  • Improved performance from the coaching you deliver, both during and following on from the programme
  • More capacity to deliver its results across the organisation through a culture of coaching