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ILM Level 5 Diploma


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ILM Diploma Level 5 Leadership and Management through Executive Coaching

The ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management has been designed to give practising or aspiring middle managers a wide range of leadership and management development experiences for their role in a business or organisation. It is delivered through a combination of executive coaching, online and work based learning, with online learning providing more formal development opportunities and executive coaching supporting students in delivering innovation and change. Students submit reflective diaries, from which they receive regular feedback, and these also form the basis of their assessment.

Online Learning

The online learning consists of a number of modules. In ‘Understanding the management role’, students explore the nature of middle management and critically evaluate their own abilities. In ‘Assessing your own leadership capability and performance’, they explore leadership styles, the commitment and motivation of their teams and their ability to motivate teams to meet organisational goals. In ‘Leading Teams and Managing Individual Development’, they analyse the skills needed to deliver projects through teamwork. In ‘Managing and Leading Projects’, they examine the process of delivering a project and in ‘Evaluate Development and Project Outcomes’ they learn the techniques needed to measure the success of projects and personal development.

Executive Coaching

This part of the programme provides an introduction to our unique Executive Coaching method of delivering qualifications, usually reserved for post graduate, level 7 studies. Students work with a coach to develop the skills and techniques of action learning and develop their critical thinking skills. Then, they extend the project initiated through the online learning element of the programme, leading their team to deliver innovation and change in their workplace. They do this through a combination of group leadership and action learning, supported throughout this process by their Coach / Tutor, via regular coaching tutorials. The programme is tailored to deliver the highest levels of results, while also meeting the varying needs of learners across all employment sectors.

Course Structure/Layout

Credit Value 46 Credits
Duration 12 months
Attendance Method Online delivery Executive coaching
Structure Induction: Five modules:

  • Understanding the leadership role for managers
  • Assessing own leadership capability and performance
  • Leading teams & managing individual development
  • Managing and leading activities and projects
  • Evaluating personal and Project Outcomes

Learner Management Support

Six months personal development and executive coaching.

  • Analysis of leadership and management development needs
  • Agreement to personal development plan with line manager
  • Submission of plan
  • Delivery of plan
  • Executive coaching
  • Evaluation of new knowledge and capability
  • Evaluation of impact on organisation

Reflective journal and formative feedback

Learner management support

Assessment Reflective review Reflective review
Costing £2450 (inc.VAT)
Entry Requirements There are no formal entry requirements but participants will normally be either practising or aspiring middle managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the programme.

Further Information


For information on any aspect of the programme or to make an application, contact 0845 890 2549 or email

What benefits might I expect from the programme

For you

  • Increased leadership and management skills that you can take with you into both your current situation and into new ones
  • The ability to reflect on what you do and improve it
  • The ability to deliver more effective results

For your organisation

  • A more effective leader and manager
  • Tangible results from the activities and projects you deliver, both during and following on from the programme
  • More capacity to deliver its core activities

For stakeholders

  • Achievement of their aims
  • Progression towards their visions
  • Accredited Prior Learning

This programme offers participants the opportunity to gain recognition, formal credit(s) and exemptions for learning acquired prior to enrolling. If you are awarded credit for prior learning you have the opportunity to complete the course sooner and also reduce the cost of your learning. For further details please contact us.

Funding Support

Funding support may be available, dependent upon:-

  • your location
  • the size of your employers’ business
  • your income (if you are self-funding)

For further advice, please contact one of our advisers on 0845 890 2549 or