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Make your management skills official with ILM Level 3 qualifications

The Level 3 Award and Certificate in Leadership & Management have been specifically designed to suit the needs of individuals who are already taking on management responsibilities as part of their role but do not have any formal training. These courses will help to develop their natural management abilities and teach a range of skills and techniques to further improve their management ability and increase future potential.

The courses are often most beneficial for practising team leaders eager to secure a permanent management position within their company or elsewhere. The qualifications gained will validate many of the skills which these individuals have already demonstrated in the workplace.

The skills taught here can help lead a team through organisational change, implement adjustments in business practices, necessary budget cuts or multiple other instances of significant change within a business where employees may require guidance. The Award course can be completed over 2 months and the Certificate over a period of 6 months.


Delivery method

The courses are delivered via a blend of work based learning and online assignments designed to develop a range of crucial management skills which will help the individuals to progress. This combination offers the most practical and convenient way for the busy professional student to develop their skills and gain recognised qualifications without placing too much strain on their work-life balance.

Students will be required to undertake a monthly assignment for each of the course modules, and we will provide regular feedback on their progress and results which accounts for part of their assessment. To ensure students are progressing well and happy with the content of the course, each individual student will receive a monthly coaching session, via Skype or telephone, with their own dedicated management coach.


The modules

The Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management consists of two modules; Understanding Leadership and then Solving Problems and Making Decisions. Each of these will cover the core skills required for a position in management and each module will require the successful completion of a practical, work-based assignment in order to complete the course.

The Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management consists of six modules, including the 2 covered by the Award and then four additional modules: Understand How to Establish an Effective Team; Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance; Planning and Allocating Work; and Management Communication. Again, each of the six modules will require the student to complete an assignment.


What are the benefits for me and my organisation?

The benefits of these courses are numerous for all parties involved, not only for the individual student, but also for their organisation and their senior members of staff and even stakeholders.

The benefits for students are clear – they will have a solid skill basis from which to progress in their management career, either improving performance in an acting team leader positions or progressing to a more senior management role. They can also harness their leadership abilities and demonstrate these in the workplace by motivating teams and managing relationships.

There are also many benefits for the organisation. The skills developed on these courses will help provide effective and well trained first line managers who can guide improvements in efficiency and communication.

Find out more about the Level 3 Leadership & Management courses here.

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