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As one of the largest ILM centres in the UK, we work closely with the Institute, our clients and our students to develop new and innovative routes to achieving qualifications. We have also developed progression links between vocational and academic qualifications. In doing so, we have become strategic partners of ILM, and of Edinburgh Napier University.

Our belief is that qualifications should provide recognition of learning, but should not become a barrier to it.  This is why we work creatively with learning outcomes to ensure that our learners achieve them in a practical, work based context, achieving impacts from themselves and their organisations.

We also use accreditation frameworks as the basis for our unique approach to programme design. By evaluating both personal and organisational progress, we are able to quantify progress made by both. Doing this in the context of ‘accreditation rules’ means that participants and their organisations both feel and can measure the impacts that learning is having, and accreditation is almost a by-product!

We have a strong track record of developing endorsed awards that reflect the unique nature of our clients’ businesses and the learning routes within them. We have also created developmental routes between vocational and academic learning, as demonstrated by the BA Business & Enterprise jointly developed with Edinburgh Napier University that allows learners with an S/NVQ Level 4 (or equivalent) to progress to the third year of the B.A. Business & Enterprise.

For more details on how we can help you with your accreditation requirements, please call us on 0845 890 2549.