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The benefits of taking an ILM course

Studying for extra professional qualifications can seem daunting, particularly when you’re trying to do so as part of an already busy work life. That doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause though; The Institute of Leadership & Management’s (ILM) courses that we deliver are designed to be flexible and fit any lifestyle.

Earning an ILM qualification is a great commitment to make for your career. Unlike many workplace qualifications, ILM courses focus on providing real value for real people. As an ILM course provider, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work for professional development. We recognise that as an individual you have your own unique skillset and professional ambitions, which we work with you to achieve.

Here are just some of the real benefits that you could experience by achieving an ILM qualification with our courses.


Fully recognised qualification

All of the ILM qualifications that we deliver have been government approved and are recognised as high quality certifications. Employers recognise the high standard of this qualification and can confidently use it as an indicator of your knowledge in relevant areas. This means it can help you pursue your dream career, or earn a promotion in your current position.



For most people, there just isn’t enough time in the day to learn a new skill or acquire new qualifications. However, ILM qualifications are designed to work around you. Not only can our courses be delivered online, allowing you to work at your own pace, but the content of the courses can even be tailored to suit your skillset and focus on areas where you wish to improve. Our courses are so flexible that they have been delivered all over the world – our furthest away current student is located 8000 miles away in the Falklands!


Focus on impacts and quantifiable results

Our ILM qualifications place an emphasis on creating impacts – both for students and their employers. We consider this to be a crucial part of measuring students’ professional development. Our focused assessments allow students to demonstrate that they have developed a full understanding of how to implement their new skills successfully in a workplace environment. Having completed an ILM qualification which has quantifiable impacts, this effectively prepares students for progression on to further education and development.

Hear about real life results from Learning with ILM


Genuine impact

Many qualifications sound great on paper, but are too far removed from the real world of work to have any real impact on your career. Our ILM qualifications are different, as they focus on practical skills which can be implemented in the workplace and can instantly improve your prospects for a management position.


An ILM course really is for everyone

There are ILM qualifications covering a number of levels so no matter what your current skill set, we can help you to develop the managerial and leadership skills you need to help move your career onward and upwards. We work with managers at all levels from newly promoted team leaders up to senior executives.

Personal Coaching

While studying for a qualification, particularly via distance learning, it can often be easy to become frustrated with the lack of individual coaching which is available. This is something that we actively combat with the way our courses have been set up. All of our students will typically have a one on one coaching session with their tutor every month throughout the course of their study.


ILM qualifications are continually evolving

ILM puts a lot of emphasis on researching workplace dynamics and the world of management. These findings are then incorporated into how courses work, and reflected in how learning centres like us teach. This means that the qualifications and skills being picked up are routinely evolving and adapting to the changes in the fluid workplaces of the 21st century.


Rich in transferable skills

Even if you currently work in a niche industry, the management and leadership skills developed as part of an ILM qualification can be taken into any field of work. No matter what the industry or what size of company you’re working with, there will always be a need for those with management acumen and leadership skills.

If you are interested in what an ILM course could do for your career, look at our courses or give us a call to discuss the options on 0845 890 2549.

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