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You can now achieve ILM’s most senior management qualifications online

The Institute of Leadership & Management’s (ILM) most senior management qualifications are now available online. Here at the Academy of Leadership & Management, our commitment to innovation in learning has placed us at the forefront of the management development industry. As a continuation of this, we are pleased to announce that we are now the first ILM centre in the UK to offer Level 7 courses in Leadership and Management via online distance learning, supported by executive coaching.

The Academy of Leadership & Management is one of the UK’s largest ILM learning centres, and our sophisticated approach to learning has been implemented by a wide range of clients across many sectors. We have worked with clients from all over the globe, with current clients as far flung as the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Level 7 Leadership & Management courses, available as a Certificate or Diploma, are designed for those already working in senior management roles who wish to develop their skills further. The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to lead change within a business and optimise performance in line with industry best practices. ILM courses lead to an internationally recognised qualification which can give you an upper-hand when pursuing more senior management positions.

These qualifications can benefit both organisations and individuals; as current managers can advance to more senior positions, and less senior employees can then be given an opportunity to develop their leadership skills in vacated roles. Instilling a fluid system of leadership progression like this can help to ensure the future viability of the business.

Our approach to career development training values flexible learning and this has made our courses popular with busy professionals eager to enhance their CV with recognised qualifications. As well as following the online programme of learning, each student works with their own executive coach to help achieve their personal and organisational objectives for the course.

The Level 7 Leadership & Management courses entail one to three flexible units which can be completed online, allowing you to study when it suits you. These can be completed over 4 months for the Certificate or 12 months for the Diploma, although these timescales are flexible. We also place considerable focus on the impact of training for both the individual and the organisation by tailoring the course to suit the learning needs of the individual and their industry.

There are significant progression opportunities for the Level 7 course, as it provides the basis to move onto a university Masters programme. The Diploma is the equivalent to a third of the credit required for a Master’s degree, and we work in conjunction with Edinburgh Napier University Business School to help interested students move into postgraduate study.

Find out more about the Level 7 Leadership & Management courses here.

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