Convert existing skills to qualifications with Accreditation of Prior Learning

A common frustration among many professionals is that their level of skills and knowledge are not backed up by officially recognised qualifications. Throughout our careers we tend to develop a wide range of skills through experience and on the job learning rather than through traditional learning environments.

This uneven progress can prove problematic for those looking to move upwards in their current role or even to look for a new challenge, as they have no official documentation to verify their knowledge or skills. Our Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning (RPL/APL) courses can help you to ensure that your skills are fully supported by recognised qualifications.

Personal development has become a major focus in many workplaces, but this progression is rarely matched with qualifications which will validate the skills if the employee decides to move to a new role or career. Of course this is rarely a concern for the employer, as it can help them retain their best staff, but it is something which ought to be a major concern for the employee eager to safeguard their career development ambitions.

Completing an RPL/APL course with the Academy of Leadership & Management will make sure that your skills are legitimised. Our courses provide Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and can provide the basis to explore further education in Foundation, Bachelors, and Masters level degrees.

Due to the nature of the learning involved, the process of gaining an RPL/APL qualification is very different from other courses we offer. The candidate must complete a detailed application which covers a full range of leadership and management outcomes. This application will then be scrutinised by an assessor who will also conduct a series of interviews with the candidate to verify their understanding and implementation of the prior learning skills being claimed.

These qualifications can offer the key to converting your existing skills into something quantifiable which can aid your professional progress. The Accreditation of Prior Learning is particularly useful for those who have worked in less traditional work environments where they may have developed valuable leadership skills which could be transferred to new roles, but need to be accurately gauged before they hold any value for prospective new employers.

It’s important that you do not allow your career development to suffer due to a lack of official qualifications. If you have already developed the skills and knowledge then use our Accreditation of Prior Learning to make sure that you can leverage your true skills to progress your career in the way you want.

If you want to turn your existing skills into recognised qualifications with Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning, then contact us today to start developing your career.