How Learning Can Help To Improve Your Mental Health

A learning culture within your workforce can help managers and companies to improve the wellbeing and mental health of a team. As one in four adults in the UK experience mental health issues every year, it is highly likely that someone you work with may suffer from poor mental health.

Of these one in four, anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues. Poor mental health has many implications – for the person, their family and those around them. It can also be impact business and the colleagues of someone who suffers with poor mental health.


Learning creates a positive mind-set


Research has shown that learning and education within the workplace can improve mental wellbeing. Learning new skills can also boost self-esteem and confidence, and is often associated with a chance to gain a qualification or enhance a professional skillset. Creating an environment within the workplace where a team can learn will not only help them to prosper, but will also create a positive mind-set within the workplace.

Continued learning and positive goal setting can encourage high levels of mental wellbeing, which can help to battle feelings of depression and anxiety related to work

People who have engaged in learning within the workplace have highlighted that they are able to cope with high levels of stress more easily, feel better about themselves and feel more useful and confident.


 Tips to improve your mental health at work


  • Set goals

Some scientists believe that working towards goals and learning while doing this influences mental well-being. Setting targets and achieving these can bring positive feelings of achievement and also motivates employees to do more to reach future goals.

By undertaking learning activities, employees can help to focus their energy on tangible and productive goals which can contribute to better mental health.


  • Connect with colleagues

Building new relationships and learning the traits of co-workers can also benefit mental health. Employees should be encouraged to reach out to colleagues and complete learning activities together, fostering good relationships and friendly competition.


  • Be active

Both physical and mental activities are important to all employees. By encouraging employees to get away from their desk and engage in new activities, whether this is staying physically active outside of work or learning new skills, this can improve mental wellbeing and can help to encourage productivity.


  • Give back

Organise charity incentives within the work place – giving back and helping others often makes team members feel valued.


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