How Professional Development Courses Can Aid Your Job Hunt

At the Academy of Leadership and Management, we believe that time invested in your personal and professional development is time well spent. Professional development courses allow you the chance to expand your skills, grow and progress in your chosen field. Often, completion of skills development courses can assist you in your job hunt, ultimately leading you to your next big career opportunity.

Online skills development courses

There is a variety of approaches to professional development and a range of different courses are available to suit individual needs. Online skills development courses are becoming increasingly popular as they offer greater flexibility, allowing you to focus and learn at a time that suits you, wherever you may be – which is more important than ever following the outbreak of COVID-19. During lockdown, many workers were put on furlough or had to work from home. Now, an increased number of people are finding that their jobs are at risk. During this period of uncertainty, online learning is a great option for those who want to work on developing their skills, maybe gaining a qualification and improving their employability – all from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Benefits of professional development courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD), particularly courses that lead to a qualification, comes with a host of benefits. It can help you in your job search by allowing you to gain knowledge applicable to your chosen field. It can also help to boost your earning potential in the long term. Professional development will enhance your employability, as the more knowledge you have the more you will benefit the company or organisation.

Accredited courses

The demand for continuing professional development is growing as is the value individuals (and employers) place on it. No matter how people learn, the benefits of undertaking an accredited course are significant and far-reaching. At the Academy of Leadership and Management, our range of online courses offer great flexibility, allowing you to focus and learn at a time that suits you. We specialise in developing leaders, managers, coaches, mentors and business advisers through practical work-based and distance learning programmes. All our courses lead to globally-recognised qualifications from an awarding body, such as ILM or the Small Firms Development Initiative (SFEDI). We are also an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) approved academy. Click here to visit our online courses section and find the course that’s right for you.