Should Management Training Be Part of Your 2022 Development Plan?

January is often a time when people think about their personal, professional and business goals for the new year.

For managers, this could include taking stock of what went well during the previous year, what could have been handled better and how both they and their employees performed in their job roles.

A management role is a common step in many employees’ career progression however, it is a step that is often taken without proper training, which can cause workplace issues later down the line.

This situation can be averted with the correct learning and development strategy and now is the perfect time to consider training plans for 2022.

Carefully focused training courses have been shown to provide career improvements across multiple workplaces with 59% of participants saying they improved job performance and more than half believing that their self confidence was boosted as a result.1

Being a people manager requires a broad skillset including effective communication, empathy and the ability to manage conflict and motivate a team. Reviewing management performance and identifying skills gaps early will not only benefit the individual, but the wider team, and ultimately the business going forward.

Once individuals and their employers have pinned down the areas that they need training in, the next step is to source courses that are flexible and easily accessible. Distance learning is a highly effective and easy-to-access option allowing managers to fit their personal development around busy schedules.

The ILM courses in Leadership & Management provided by The Academy of Leadership & Management all have a defined progression route, with each course split into easy-to-follow modules. Assignments are practical and focus on real workplace issues. In addition, each student takes part in monthly individual coaching sessions with one of the The Academy’s highly experienced team of coaches and tutors.

The courses are divided into experience levels and cover a range of relevant topics for the appropriate management level.

ILM Level 5 

The course can be taken as six modules or one, larger module and provides general coverage of useful skills for a middle manager. The modules explore valuable training on required to manage a variety of situations and gives a good foundation for development.

The topics of the modules covered are;

  • Becoming an effective leader
  • Managing projects in the organisation
  • Understanding financial management
  • Management coaching and mentoring
  • Leading innovation and change
  • Developing critical thinking

Or, if you have opted for one module:

  • Managing own continuing professional development


ILM Level in Leadership and Management

This course prepares middle management students for more senior responsibilities including enhancing their leadership and management performance of themselves and their organisation.

Students work with a coach to create a personal development plan (PDP) and use this to reflect on progress and achievements over the course of the training.

Benefits of the leadership and management course include:


  • Use core management techniques to drive better results
  • Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire
  • Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management
  • Benchmark your managerial skills
  • Develop your capabilities in a way that is tailored to your needs
  • Raise your profile in your organisation


  • Encourage strategic thinking at this level of management to foster business improvement
  • Engage middle managers with training and development – this qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals
  • Customise this qualification to your development needs and the needs of your organisation
  • Gain impacts that can help improve your organisation’s performance


ILM Level 7 in Leadership and Management

This programme is split into two qualifications: a certificate or a diploma and are ILM’s most senior courses.

The certificate is made up of one unit that allows the student to identify and work on areas of leadership and management that are specific and relevant to their own role.

The diploma adds on an additional two mandatory units, focusing on presenting arguments for change and leading these changes, and the creation and maintaining of high-performance teams.

The module titles covered in the diploma are:

  • Developing leadership & management capability through enquiry
  • Developing a high-level business case
  • Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources

Benefits of both qualifications include:


  • Know how to use an enquiry led evidence-based approach to develop your leadership and management capability
  • Develop and enhance your personal brand
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate high-level, strategic business cases
  • Embed your leadership and management development in real work


  • A senior leader and manager who has the ability to think and act strategically
  • A senior leader and manager who can make informed, evidence-based decisions
  • Motivated staff who can create and maintain a high-performance culture
  • Senior team members who are self-aware and take responsibility for self-development.


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