The future of learning – the impact of the pandemic on flexible working

Flexible working is not a new concept but the popularity of the hybrid working model has increased exponentially due to employers having to pivot to home working over the last year.

Prior to the pandemic, 5% of the UK workforce reported as mainly working from home, with 30% having worked from home at some point in their current roles.1 Fast forward to April 2021 and 46.6% has worked from home; an increase of more than 15%! 2

While working from home has proven benefits such as shorter days and, in some cases, more disposable income due to less need to commute, the question of how companies will tackle training and development has been raised. More and more employers are looking to remote training courses in the hopes of being able to offer career progression, retain employees and tackle this ever-growing issue.

Benefits of online courses

  • More convenient than on-site training
  • Lower costs to both businesses and individuals
  • Larger choice of topics
  • Flexible schedules and environments

Things to consider before taking on an online course

  • Space to work

Many workers now have a designated workspace in their home but if you don’t, it would be worth creating a quiet, well-lit area with good internet access for you to use when attending an online course and for any associated study.

  • Spare time

Starting a course on top of your existing work and personal commitments requires dedication and time management. Make sure you have the time to commit to any training and study that may be required outside of work.

  • The right course provider

It is important that you research providers and choose the one that fits best with your needs. At the Academy of Leadership & Management, we focus on developing leaders, managers, coaches, mentors and business advisers through practical work-based and distance learning programmes. Remote training courses are also available, including Leadership & Management and Coaching & Mentoring. All our courses lead to globally recognised qualifications from an awarding body, such as ILM or the Small Firms Development Initiative (SFEDI). We are also an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) approved academy.

Explore our offering and find out more in the Courses & Qualifications section of our website. If you would like more information on any of our courses, please contact us at or on 0845 890 2549.


1 Office for National Statistics (2020). Coronavirus and homeworking in the UK labour market: 2019.

2 Office for National Statistics (2020). Coronavirus and homeworking in the UK: April 2020.