The value of training your employees in leadership and management

In many organisations the focus on training is top-heavy, with a continual programme of professional development for those already in middle and senior management positions, but relatively little for those who are new to first line management positions or are displaying future leadership potential. This can prove a short-sighted approach which fails to recognise the long-term value those employees could have for the organisation if given improved levels of support and opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.

This extra value can manifest itself in a number of ways. Below we have highlighted just a few of the prominent benefits your organisation could experience by investing in leadership and management training for employees who demonstrate potential for progress to leadership positions.

Employees are more engaged

Investing in training and developing talented employees demonstrates that you are dedicated to identifying individuals who can bring greater value to the organisation. Helping them to reach their potential is something they will recognise and are likely to reciprocate by striving to do their best to help the organisation progress. When the company shows they are investing in their employees’ future it makes the employees themselves feel more committed to the future of the organisation.

Reduce employee turnover

A by-product of employees being more engaged with the aims of the company is that you are less likely to lose those you help to progress. One of the main reasons employees leave for pastures new is that they are no longer engaged by their current role, and desire a new challenge which can provide long-term development prospects. If you can provide them with an engaging cause and the prospect of long-term professional development then they are far less likely to be tempted elsewhere.

The ability to promote internally

Priming capable staff for future leadership and management roles means that when a more senior role becomes available, you should hopefully already have a suitable candidate in-house. This has a number of benefits, including savings on publicising vacancies and reducing the time spent reviewing applications and conducting interviews. Furthermore, this approach can provide a sense of continuity in management and make it easier to maintain an identifiable company culture.

Less need for supervision

Training employees in leadership and management means that you can nurture the management potential of staff as they learn how to take responsibility for their own workload, and understand the importance of their position within the wider infrastructure of the company. This should mean that managers are less likely to be dragged away from important tasks to supervise the work of junior employees – facilitating an overall increase in productivity, engagement, and staff morale.

Helps with team morale

If you implement a training programme designed to identify and help those with potential to develop, it will help to foster a positive atmosphere among your team, promoting group morale and bonding to ensure everyone is happier and works better together. Everyone will have the feeling that they are pushing together in the same direction, and this can only be a positive thing; eliminating competition between employees and encouraging progression and development over rivalry and negativity.

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