What Are The Benefits of Online Tutor Support?

If you’re considering taking a course to enhance your knowledge and skills, and ultimately your future career prospects, then going online could make a world of difference.

The benefits of traditional face-to-face tuition are well-documented – from better engagement through individual attention, to ultimately better grades – but it’s no coincidence that the popularity of its online counterpart is now firmly on a par, and overtaking it in many instances.

While face-to-face tuition typically works well, online tutoring can work even better, particularly for those with busy schedules that want to make best use of their time. After all, all you need is an internet connection.

Distance is irrelevant

  • For one thing, distance becomes irrelevant as there is no travel time required and no associated costs. In other words, courses can be more cost-effective and more convenient to schedule. In one fell swoop, you’ve said goodbye to difficult commutes, as well as fuel and transport costs, and work-life balances are maximised.

Work at your own pace

  • Online learning, supported by a dedicated tutor, means that the approach is tailored to the individual – they can work at their own pace and define the exact style that what works best for them. Students can drive progress and learn in a stress-free environment.

Personal contact

  • When a ‘best fit’ tutor is assigned to a student, the latter will significantly benefit from that personal contact, engendering regular tutorials that focus on progress, assignment work, and the bridging of any gaps in learning.

Sharing is easier

  • Sharing information and documents is also made easier. Most online learning providers will have a dedicated virtual learning environment, which will not only contain course materials, but provide a secure environment to upload assignments etc.

Technology facilitates better learning

  • One of the key benefits of online tutor support is undoubtedly that technology helps to ensure that nothing is missed. Not only do students feel more able to ask questions they might be afraid to ask in a classroom setting in front of their peers, but note-taking is easier in a one-on-one situation, ensuring clarity throughout the process.

The Academy of Leadership & Management offers a wide range of accredited courses supported by online tutor or coach support. Fundamentally, we define the unique needs and challenges facing our students, and then work hard to find the best ‘fit’ both in terms of their course and tutor.

Keen to discover more about our approach? You can find more details here. Alternatively, please contact 0845 890 2549 or email info@academylm.co.uk