What Are The Top 5 Benefits of Flexible Learning?

Undertaking flexible learning undoubtedly holds numerous benefits. Indeed, those who actively seek out professional development opportunities put themselves at a significant advantage when it comes to adapting and thriving in today’s highly competitive jobs market.

Few roles stand still, so why not keep learning in order to ensure that you’re keeping pace and even staying ahead of the curve? In turn, you’ll heighten your employability prospects and be empowered to turn your job ambitions into reality.

What are the top benefits of flexible learning?

  1. You will have total freedom – freedom around when you want to study, how you study, and at what pace.
  2. You can continue to earn a good wage while studying from home in your own time. This could be vital to sustaining yourself while still setting your sights on higher ambitions
  3. Similarly, flexible learning can make a lot of financial sense by reducing a lot of costs. Online learning programmes tend to be cheaper than enrolling in a traditional college or university setting with all the associated costs.
  4. Flexible learning is now very much an interactive digital experience making it even more personalised and immersive – whether it’s watching live seminars and taking part in round table discussions or simply accessing resources and submitting assessments.
  5. Your online qualification will have just as much value as a campus one in the eyes of employers. Some career skills will of course require practical expertise but the vast majority can be developed from the comfort of your virtual classroom.

Some who study online management courses can struggle with a lack of human interaction and feelings of isolation. However, ALM offers several blended learning programmes – the full range can be found here – where students have access to the ALM virtual learning environment and also have a benefit from monthly face to face coaching and mentoring sessions via video technology.

Students also have their own designated learner managers, who guide them through the full process of the course, providing advice and support. Furthermore, there are online forums available to students, allowing them to ask questions, share experiences or ask for advice. That way all ALM students have a sense of community and have support throughout the full process.

Fundamentally, ALM defines the unique needs and challenges facing our students and clients, and then works hard to find meaningful, bespoke solutions.

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