What is ILM?

The Academy of Learning and Management are proud to work with a number of awarding bodies, including The Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE), NCFE, and ILM, who are part of the City and Guilds group.

Over 70,000 people every year, from a wide variety of sectors including national and local government, corporate bodies, the third sector and small businesses, choose to undertake ILM courses, and it is easy to see why it is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, management, and coaching qualifications.

What is an ILM Qualification?

ILM qualifications are split into five levels, based on career experience.

Starting at Level 2, which is the perfect jumping off point for people in a team leader position, through to Level 7, which is designed for people in senior management roles.

The qualifications are split into three different types to suit a range of learning requirements:

  • Awards

The most concise and time effective qualification

  • Certificates

Teaches a broader range of skills and knowledge

  • Diplomas

Includes all elements of leadership, management or coaching skills, providing a more in-depth learning experience.

Who does an ILM Qualification benefit?

  • Businesses

The need for strong leadership at all levels, and the growing skills gap, means that employers are struggling to recruit the right leaders and managers for their businesses.

Utilising training investments throughout your leadership structure means you can develop leaders at every level. From experienced managers taking over leadership of a new team, to giving new hires confidence in making decisions, businesses benefit from the internal potential they never knew they had.

  • Employees

Having additional training in management, leadership and/or coaching can be crucial for employee’s confidence and career prospects.

ILM qualifications can easily be worked around current roles if the student is doing the course independently of their workplace.

Why should you do an ILM Qualification?

ILM qualifications are beneficial to business and personal growth and development plans. ILM and are the UK’s leading provider due to:

  • The wide choice of qualifications
  • Their focus on work-based learning
  • Their quality assurance

Students who are registered on an ILM course can also take advantage of a student membership to The Institute of Leadership and Management, a professional body who provides networking, resources, events and support.

Want to find out more? Our next blog will further explore the ILM qualification, including, what our courses cover, online vs classroom learning, and who the courses are aimed at.   

More information can also be found by contacting us by email, info@academylm.co.uk or call us on 0141 611 7640.