How can online coaching and mentoring courses help bridge the skills gap?

Standing out when applying for a new role can be daunting and competitive, especially when you are looking to change industry or level in your current career path.

Evaluating your CV and experience is a vital step in the process as this is the perfect time to find any skill gaps you may have and address them. One of the most common skill gaps can be your ability to coach or  mentor other team members.  Often if lack of opportunity can affect your progression into a coaching or mentoring role.

Courses in coaching and mentoring are often a good solution to this problem.  Not only can they help you learn additional skills and benefit from best practice, but they also show future employers that you are ambitious, and willing to grow and develop yourself, personally and professionally.

These courses can be taken online or in a classroom-based environment and some even offer a qualification or certificate.

Distance learning allows flexibility, ensuring that your able to fit the courses in around your schedule and at a time to suit you. Our course combine a range of learning components including:

  • Online learning
  • Coaching and supervision
  • Reflective practice
  • Practical-focused assignments

The Academy of Leadership and Management offers distance learning courses that are suitable for a wide range of abilities and experience, with the opportunity to progress your studies further through different levels. Our experienced coach supervisors have a wealth of real-world knowledge, working students at all levels and across a wide range of industries and locations.

Details on each of our ILM and NCFE accredited courses in coaching and mentoring can be found below:

ILM Level 3: Coaching

  • This level offers an introduction to coaching for first line managers, team leader or those in a coaching role. Students will gain an in depth understanding of good workplace coaching, the knowledge and skills needed to organise a programme of coaching with supervision available to guide them.

 More information on ILM Level 3 can be found here.

ILM Level 5 Courses in Coaching and Mentoring

  • This highly respected qualification gives current and aspiring managers or consultants the chance to grow in their coaching or mentoring role. The course covers implementing a plan for individual clients and putting it into practice with advice from an expert trainer.

More information on ILM Level 5 can be found here.

Level 6 Certificate in Professional Supervision

  • Designed for senior/ aspiring leaders and managers, this course is conducted via face to face, online tutorials and work-based learning. Modules are assessed by written assignments and the building of a portfolio of real-life examples.

More information on Level 6 can be found here.

ILM Level 7

 Courses for Coaching Supervisors

  • This is one of ILM’s most senior qualifications and enables students who are already qualified coaches and mentors to further develop their skills and knowledge. These courses are tailored to the needs of each participant and gives a detailed understanding of coaching supervision contracts. These programmes are demanding but the reward on completion can be high.

Courses for Executive and Senior Level Coaches & Mentors

  • Students taking this course can make a huge different to their organisation or workplace. This programme offers a library of resources, coaching and supervision sessions and practically focused assignments. You can choose between working towards a Certificate or a Diploma and students will be expected to demonstrate working experience of coaching or mentoring or have already completed a qualification in the subject at Level 5 or above.

 More information on ILM Level 7 can be found here.


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