What is ILM: Recognition, topics and who they benefit

In our last blog, we discussed what ILM qualifications are, who they benefit, and why you should complete one. 

The second instalment in this series will explore who recognises the qualifications, what the courses cover, online vs classroom learning, and who the courses are aimed at.   


Who recognises ILM Qualifications? 

ILM qualifications are recognised globally, but particularly in English speaking countries. This means that no matter where you work, these qualifications will still be valid and, as a result of being internationally recognised and a subset of City and Guilds, ILM courses are respected globally, giving the qualifications a lot of weight.  


What does an ILM course cover? 

ILM provides courses covering Leadership and Management and Coaching and Mentoring.  

  • Leadership and Management 

An ILM certification in leadership and management covers a variety of skills, depending on the level selected, ranging from team leaders to the most senior managers. 

At Level 3 & 5, a range of units are available that can cover a numerous topics area such as: 

  • Effective Leadership  
  • Communication & Motivation  
  • Team building & Delegation 
  • Problem-solving & Critical thinking  
  • Organisational Awareness  
  • Innovation & Change Management  
  • Project Management  
  • Financial Management  
  • Coaching & Mentoring 

At Level 7 these include: 

  • Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry 
  • Developing a high-level business case 
  • Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources  

Each level explores these topics, with the higher-level courses delving deeper into the content.  

More information, including pricing and course length, can be found here 

  • Coaching and Mentoring 

These courses explore core themes for budding coaches and mentors in the workplace, or coaches and mentors looking to setting up a coaching business themselves.  

This includes: 

  • Principles and practice of effective coaching supervision 
  • Undertaking coaching supervision 
  • Reflecting on your practice as a coach or mentor 
  • Professional Practice 

These are also broken down into levels, depending on the career level of the student. 

More information on the levels can be found here. 

  • Coaching Supervisors 

These courses centre around the student’s own situation, using reflective practice to develop and improve individual performance as a supervisor.  

Themes & Actives include:  

  • Understanding the principles and practice of effective coaching supervision 
  • Giving a set amount of coaching supervision to individuals  
  • Undertaking personal coaching supervision sessions with experienced supervisors   
  • Reflecting on your practice as a coach or mentor 

More information on the levels can be found here. 


Where can you take the courses? 

The pandemic has resulted in a mindset change towards hybrid and home working and the same can be said for courses and other independent learning. 

ILM qualifications with the Academy of Leadership and Management can be taken virtually, with a combination of online courses and work-based learning and all individual courses include 1-2-1 time, in person or within a group. 

The Level 3 Award and Certificate in Leadership and Management also includes a monthly coaching session via Skype or phone with a dedicated management coach. 


Who are ILM Courses aimed at? 

The courses are designed to help develop skills and experiences of managers, leaders, coaches, and mentors at all stages of their career. 

They are split into levels, based on where a student is on their career path. A general overview on how the levels are broken down, and who they are best suited to can be found below: 

Leadership and Management 

Junior manager, First-line manager, Supervisor 

Middle Manager 

Senior manager, Director of smaller organisations 

Senior leader, CEO, Director of large divisions 


Coaching and Mentoring 

Team leaders and First-line managers 

Managers with coaching and mentoring responsibilities 

Senior leaders and HR/OD professionals 


Each course prepares the student for future responsibilities and are the perfect stepping-stone for career progression. They are also an excellent confidence boost for employees who are new to a managerial or more senior role, which boosts morale and, consequently, productivity. 

Want to find out more? Our next blog will explain the levels and courses in more detail. 

More information can also be found by contacting us by email, info@academylm.co.uk, or calling us on 0141 611 7640.